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A sample outline of an essay

The structure of the essay (taking into account all the features and specifics of the issue), as a rule, should include the following semantic elements (which do not necessarily have to stand out as separate sections of the text):

Introduction - one paragraph
Use attention-grabbing traps such as: a quote, poem, question, reflection, unusual facts, ideas, or funny stories.

It is not necessary to state the main point onlineclasshero reviews in the first sentence. But it should lead up to it or somehow relate to the main idea or thesis, as well as contain the main points of the essay.

Avoid phrases such as "This essay is about..." or "I'm going to talk about...".

Main body - 2-3 paragraphs
Express yourself clearly.

Support the main ideas with facts, reflections, ideas, vivid descriptions, quotes or other information or material that intrigues and grabs the reader's attention.

Use reference material to eliminate tautology.

Conclusion - one paragraph.

Demonstrate your growth and potential in the field. Show your perspective on the issue.

What actions you plan to take in your future regarding the issue.

Your main point in a modified version.
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Monday, June 28, 2021

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